I Want to Live a Slow Life in the Countryside After Reincarnation

The protagonist, Inaka Yuuji, was ran over by a truck because his awareness was dulled from overworking.

“Ahー, with this I don’t have to work so much anymore. I want to spend my next life leisurely……” was the wish Yuuji blurted out, He met God and it was decided he will be reincarnated in the countryside of the otherworld. He became Alfred Slowlet, 2nd son of a countryside noble, will he be able to enjoy and leisurely spend his slow life in the countryside?

Author: Renkinou | 錬金王
Chapters: 483

Abeno Chaco | 阿倍野 ちゃこ


1-Death and...
3-Alfleet = Slowlet
4-I want to use new magic
5-Was it full? Three-year-old
6-Space magic and beetles
7-A tired three-year-old
8-Mercy. Bartolo
10-I'm four years old
11-At the square
13-Frying pan and eggs
14-Once again……
15-I'm six years old!
16-Intruder on my home
17-Dragon Slayer
18-Those who do not discipline
19-growing up
21-To rumba and forest
22-battery. Heartfelt words
23-Hamburger and Mina
24-Spicy spicy
25-Let's go to the picnic
26-Gentle sister
27-Cool summer
28-Baths, demons, and sometimes horse riding lights
29-Harvest festival
30-The fruit water stains
31-Escape king
32-Angel smile
34-Sleeping twice
35-The devil, the hero, the lost shield
36-Last day of harvest festival
37-Rotten Girl Concerto
38-Big man
39-Al's elegant moment……
40-The sky is infinite
41-Let's make hot water
43-Chase of fear
44-I was just curious
45-Bartolo is from Snow Country
46-Snow and Konko
47-Three ice statues
48-Snowball battle sister vs brother (above)
49-Snowball fight sister (younger brother) (bottom)
50-Village Art Snow Festival
51-Party invitation
52-On the way
53-Bloom in full glory!
54-Guard of the royal capital
55-Main street of the royal capital
56-With Ra-chan
57-Magic tool store
58-Coma and grandson
59-Aristocratic Exchange
60-A sword fighting at the venue
61-That child again
62-Al disaster
63-A misunderstanding
64-A moment of fun
65-Noble Exchange Meeting Nihime
66-Red-haired Duke Lady
67-Second princess couderia
68-Let's go around the capital
69-Carefree couple
70-Al and Eric
71-Daily life in the shopping district
72-Breath of the wind
73-Royal Capital Escape Theater
74-Rot's cave
75-Encounter in the sky
76-Theater dragon slayer
77-End play
79-Buy souvenirs
80-Return to Korea village
81-Souvenir to Thor
82-Royal feed
84-Origami-scattering cluster amaryllis
85-Byunkichi and lunch
86-Current character information
87-Laid-back morning
88-Let's make sweets
89-Fried food
90-Hit it and wear it, rock paper scissors!
91-Silvio's robust defense
92-There is no rice!
93-I want to go to Kagra
94-Reliable escort
95-Wind of silver
96-The egg disappeared
97-Slime pillow
98-Irvine's Fear
99-Kicca Attractions
100-Bed fight at the inn
101-Orders of magnitude
102-Jenga between trips
103-Quiet Third Princess Leila Looking up at the sky
104-Seawater? What is it delicious?
105-To seafood barbecue ground
106-Soy sauce for scallop
107-Captain Douglas, Captain of the Kaiou Pirates?
108-Let's go to the sea trip
109-Alfredo Sky Fortress
110-What a wonderful occupation
111-Be obedient to lazy feelings
112-This kind of fishing is not bad
113-Greatness of the ancestors
114-Let's eat sashimi
115-Accelerating ship
116-The end of the cruise
117-Arrival in Kagra
119-Ryokan no Yu
121-A cup after bath
122-Nostalgic scent
123-Relationship between two people
124-The fear of sitting
126-Pillow fight
127-At the end of the fierce battle
128-Quiet chilled towel
129-Quiet Silvio Bash
130-Rice and miso soup
131-Kagra Attractions
133-Do you wear Kagura clothes?
134-Look good
135-Grilled rice ball
136-Fill your stomach at a sweet shop
137-Gentle and elegant play
138-Let's play table tennis
139-It would be interesting if it spreads
140-Landlady and Sannosuke
142-Swordsman's hardship
143-Kojiro, quit the swordsman
144-The words you want to say
145-Strange self introduction
146-Water God and Creation God Misfirit
147-Spring and jenga
148-Mixed escorts
149-Sibling fight
150-Momojiro and Mito Kogane
151-Aim of return
152-Magic true value
153-Is spring escort horny?
154-Suke, Kaku?
155-The old party
156-Is this one case settled?
157-Kaede's desire fully open
158-Last day to play
159-Buying souvenirs
160-Kagura clothes selection
161-Finally choose by yourself
162-From inn to harbor
163-Kojiro, quit the swordsman
164-Brother and sister who came to see me off
165-Departed Kagura
166-I want a word to go home
167-Mother and Son's Magical Defense
168-New uses for psychic
169-Dumplings than clothes
170-Dad and table tennis
171-Bartolo soy sauce learning
172-Strong taste, light taste
173-Rice disappears like magic
174-I don't know the world of swords
175-An ax rather than a sword?
176-A lotus
177-Walking ice magic tool?
178-Sheila Kaiju strategy
179-Sheila Kaiju Strategy 2
180-Sheila Kaiju Strategy 3
181-Sheila Kaiju Strategy 4
182-Sheila Kaiju Operation 5
183-Maid duty
184-Charm of slime cushion
185-Beautiful buds
186-I want a personality as an aristocrat
187-Sometimes it's a fashionable store
188-Erinora discovery
189-Freedom from labor
190-Which is cowardly
191-Did you come with a river?
192-Dirty watery heart
193-Proof of not being a chicken or a zeal
194-There was no slime
195-Fallen Silvio
196-Similar people
197-Relax with slime cushions
198-Midsummer training
199-Silvio defense
200-Return of Erinora
201-Morning with Erinola
202-Independent training
203-Spear and shield
204-Dull body
205-Alfreet, lose weight
206-Matching Jinbei
207-Weeding out with magic
208-Laugh the booger
209-Gift from Viscount
210-Make the doll walk magically
211-A magician might be good too
212-Looking around Mina at night
213-Women's association, not women's association
214-Let's prepare the kitchen garden
215-Gift from Grandpa Lazareth
216-What to do with my mother's dog
217-Frame play
218-Turn around, turn around words
219-Al alibi
220-The last Jenga
221-Bad timing
222-Quiet Third Princess Leila A boy falling from the sky
223-Disadvantage of transfer magic?
224-Why go to Sylford
225-Ready to go out
226-Fried fried clouds
227-Importance of communication with father
228-Al and horse
229-Elna mother practices sword! ?
230-Erna mother's ability
231-Preparation before cooking
232-Cooking together
234-Rest by the lake
235-My home everywhere
236-The usual sight
237-Night watch
238-I do not want to work
239-Invited by the scent of miso
240-Arrived at Eric's house
242-The importance of sofas and beds
243-Let's go to the beach
244-Piece of magic stone
245-Board the ship
246-Those who get drunk, those who do not get drunk
247-Exciting twin fishermen
248-Eat sashimi on the boat
249-Kagura seasoning
250-Take a break on the beach
251-Build a castle with sand
252-Making a castle together
253-Sunagi Misufirito completed
254-Barren conversation
255-Eric's Trauma
256-Dinner before dinner
257-Cheers for friendship!
258-Freshly caught
259-Tongs to hit again
260-Soy sauce and mayonnaise
261-The splendor of the back shield
262-Bustle on the beach
263-Erinora unnie vs Eric
264-Silvio brother VS Luna
265-Rematch between Al and Eric
266-Words like the old man says
267-Aegal's advice
268-Drop sand in the sea
269-Can you make the sea?
270-Squatting with water
271-Lunch on the beach
272-Elegant sandwiches in the shade
273-Whole body ad lib
274-Men who fell apart
275-Easy tomorrow
276-Take a relaxing bath
277-End of the morning
278-Eat rice balls and take a break
279-Magic training
280-Challenges from Elna mother
281-Dream plane escalator
282-Magic only repeats once you get the hang of it!
283-Run Eric!
284-Magic simulated battle
285-Opening attack
286-But troublesome
287-Silvio barrier development!
288-Eric and magic confrontation
289-Wizards can't underestimate
290-Free tomorrow
291-Breathing morning
292-Calm daytime
293-I still want to be lazy
294-Shake hands
295-Small step
296-To the village square
297-Seafood soup and small crab
298-In the house of Tornell
300-The reason why Dragon Slayer is popular
301-Find the solution to this question
302-The last night
303-Return words
304-Family returns to the mansion
305-Summer breakfast
306-Shaved ice of red wine
307-Bad friends wait in anticipation
308-Souvenir time
309-Skipjack dishes
310-Grilled bonito rice balls
311-To enjoy natural coolness
312-Mozomozo in the stream
313-Cucumber and miso
314-Tomato harvest
315-Cool summer vegetables
316-Evil heart
317-Ayu chase
318-Grilled sweetfish
319-Two people
320-Relaxing in the pool
321-100 million PV breakthrough commemorative reader survey SS Summer Castle
322-A spoiled guy
323-1 pan in a cool room
324-2 pots in a cool room
325-Wash the walls and clean your heart
326-Previous promise
327-Pudding and milk gelato
328-A parfait is a dream
330-Viscount of the doll is coming
331-Visiting the Viscount
332-Wailing Doll Viscount
333-Tickle training
334-Frog purse and frog doll
335-Large march of dolls
336-A little break
337-Doll maid
339-Petit meeting
340-Birth of a voice actor
341-Erinora unnie who looks great
342-Puppet Show Plan of the Viscount
343-To take a step
344-Arch mushroom
345-Tickle resolution
346-Merchant Gregor
347-Misunderstanding of a man
348-A fun exchange?
349-Walk on the lake
351-Snack by the lake
352-Completion of the script
353-Return of Gregor
354-After all Erinora unnie
355-Cold milk tea
356-Now, go to the mountain to get the spring water
357-Bartolo and Kaczowow
358-Spring water
359-Rice ball lunch and miso ball
360-Kojiro: My buddy is a knife instead of a sword
361-Kojiro What I want to do
362-Kojiro as a mother
363-Kojiro quit his job
364-Kojiro, the morning when I quit my job
365-Kojiro, a proud brother
366-Letter from a nobleman
367-Negotiating siblings
368-Al came over. One work break
369-A very cute child
370-Entertainment ideas
372-Gentle and elegant stalls
373-A beautiful and edible small fish
374-Transfer to mountain
375-Transferred to a shrine
376-A funny man who liked eels
377-Promising human legs
378-Washi House
379-Sleeping slime
380-Possibility of slime
381-Slime poi
382-Additional order
383-Best position
384-Dry slime
385-Letter from Bram
386-Visit to the Sylford House
387-Duke's visit
388-New slippers
389-Alfredo, sightings information?
390-Visit to Brum
391-Psychic potential
392-Play with the rabbit
393-Take a break
394-Trauma avoidance
395-Noble supper
396-Black smile and natural smile
397-After playing for a moment
398-Despair of Alecia
399-Play life games
400-Life like that
401-Marriage trout
402-This is also the edge
403-Angel voice
404-For a short walk
405-Duel with Bram
406-Little hope
407-Horse carriage to Korea village
408-The magic of Alecia
409-Logan omelet
410-Villagers are also at ease
411-Army aristocrat
412-Two people's commitment
413-Rest space
414-As expected
415-Scooping small fish
416-Festival scene
417-Just the timing is wrong
418-Ra-chan cheer up strategy
419-If white is sandwiched by black, it will be dyed black
420-Ratton race
421-The importance of money
422-Quiet matchmaker
423-Let's do arm wrestling
424-Brother and sister confrontation
425-Bold girl
426-Thor VS Emma
428-Al VS Erinora
429-200 million PV breakthrough commemorative reader survey SS Part 1 Parfait wants to eat
430-200 million PV breakthrough commemorative reader questionnaire SS 2
431-Good brother?
432-Psychic in the kitchen
433-The extreme of corruption
434-Successful casting
435-Return of nobles
436-Fireplace operation
437-Dried fruit
438-Battle pencil
439-Chopping wood
440-Sober work
441-To Herman's workshop
442-Painting by Silvio
443-Battle pencil completion
444-Toy king
445-Battle Pencil Trial
446-Battle pencil only for the king
448-Kotatsu in the family
449-Tighten the pot
451-Thank you maid
452-Crown porori
454-Round throw failure
455-Whole tomato miso soup
456-Snow removal
458-Because it's cold
462-Let's go to winter
463-Shelter from the cold
464-Water seller can earn
465-I'm glad I bought
466-Difficult to walk in the desert
467-Dune slip
468-Sand board
469-Simple sweetness
470-Reliable helper
471-Each snowball battle
472-Ski and snowboard
473-Each sense
474-Aiming for a peaceful world
475-Blackout of the incident
476-Origin of motor nerves
477-That's it. Let's do a dog zori
480-Skiing with family
481-To the snowy mountains
482-Mountain slip
483-After this, I skied a lot