The Tale of the Rebirth of the Unseen World of the Strongest Yin-Yang Master -The monsters are too weak compared to the servant monsters

I, who mastered the Onmyoudou and was called the strongest Onmyouji of all time, was on the verge of death in a burning house after a conspiracy and betrayal.
In my next life, I try the secret art of reincarnation in my last moments, hoping to be happy in my next life.
The magic succeeds, but... my reincarnation destination is another world!
What, four-attribute magic? I don't need to use it.
The yin and yang techniques that I mastered and the powerful demons that I sealed in the other world are still in my hands.

Author: Kosuzu Kiichi
Chapters: 136

Saikyou Onmyouji No Isekai Tenseiki Geboku No Youkaidomo Ni Kurabete Monster Ga Yowaisugirundaga~ ; 最強陰陽師の異世界転生記 ~下僕の妖怪どもに比べてモンスターが弱すぎるんだが~


1-Episode 0: The strongest Onmyoji dies
2-Episode 1: Reincarnation, the strongest Onmyoji
3-Episode 2: Making the Shikijin, the Strongest Onmyoji
4-Episode 3: Making Paper, the Strongest Onmyoji
5-Episode 4 Before using magic, the strongest onmyoji
6-Episode 5: The strongest onmyoji, after using magic
7-Episode 6: Call the Yokai Girl, the Strongest Onmyoji
8-Episode 7 In front of helping the demons, the strongest onmyoji
9-After Episode 8: The Strongest Onmyoji, Helping the Demon
10-Episode 9: Bringing the soul to the slave girl, the strongest onmyoji
11-Episode 10 Defeat the Mountain Lord, the strongest onmyoji
12-Episode 11: The strongest onmyoji, wants to enter the school
13-Episode 12: Receive the gift of the strongest onmyoji
14-Episode 13: The strongest onmyoji, duel
15-Episode 14: Clean up, the strongest onmyoji
16-Episode 15: The Strongest Onmyoji, Departure
17-Interlude Blaze Lamprog, in the Imperial City
18-Episode 16: arrive at the school city, the strongest onmyoji
19-Episode 17: Strongest Onmyoji, Apply for Exam
20-Eighteenth Episode: The strongest onmyoji, face the entrance exam
21-Inter-labor Examiner Cordell at the practice area in the school
22-Episode 19: The Strongest Onmyoji Master Passes
23-Episode 20: The strongest Onmyoji attends the entrance ceremony
24-Twenty-first episode before fighting the demons, the strongest onmyoji.
25-Twenty-second episode, after fighting the demons, the strongest onmyoji
26-Twenty-third episode, the strongest onmyoji, pleases good luck
27-Twenty-fourth Episode: Rub the strongest onmyoji
28-Twenty-fifth episode, the strongest onmyoji, avoid
29-Twenty-sixth episode: the strongest onmyoji, stand out
30-Twenty-Seventh Episode: The Strongest Onmyoji, Entrapped in a Trap
31-Twenty-eighth Episode: Lost in the underground labyrinth, the strongest onmyoji
32-Episode 29 Understanding the Underground Labyrinth, the Strongest Onmyoji
33-Episode 30: Going through the underground labyrinth, the strongest onmyoji
34-31st Episode: The strongest Onmyoji teacher takes a break
35-32nd episode: talk to the strongest onmyoji
36-33rd Episode: The Strongest Onmyoji Master Reaches the Boss Room
37-34th Episode: Pick up souvenirs, the strongest onmyoji
38-35th Episode: Face off with the strongest Onmyoji
39-Thirty-sixth Episode: The Strongest Onmyoji Return to School Life
40-Thirty-seventh episode, the strongest onmyoji, having trouble with money
41-38th Episode: The Strongest Yin-Yang Master, Gamble
42-39th Episode: The strongest onmyoji, come up with a gold plan
43-Episode 40: The strongest Onmyoji attends the festival
44-Episode 41: Participating in the treasure hunt, the strongest onmyoji
45-Episode 42: The Strongest Onmyoji Go to Town
46-Episode 43: Impatience, the Strongest Onmyoji
47-Episode 44: The Strongest Yin Yang Master Gets Angry
48-Interlude Brave Amu, Gakuen Girls' Dormitory
49-Episode 45: The Strongest Yin Yang Master Receives a Gift
50-Episode 46: Envy, the Strongest Onmyoji
51-Episode 47: The strongest Onmyoji is called
52-Eighty-eighth episode: The strongest Onmyoji teacher is advised
53-Episode 49: Departure to the Imperial City, the Strongest Onmyoji
54-Episode 50: The Strongest Onmyoji Master Faces the First Game
55-Episode 51: Watching the Strongest Onmyoji
56-Episode 52: The Strongest Onmyoji, Faces the Second Battle
57-Episode 53: The Strongest Onmyoji, Watch Again
58-Episode 54: Interrogating the Strongest Onmyoji
59-Episode 55: The Strongest Yin Yang Master Faces the Third Round
60-Episode 56: Rejection of the Strongest Onmyoji
61-Episode 57: Strongest Onmyoji attacked
62-Episode 58 Listen to the story of the strongest Onmyoji
63-Episode 59: The Strongest Yin Yang Master Faces the Semifinals
64-Interlude Baron Mabel Crane, in the waiting room of the arena
65-Episode 60: The strongest Onmyoji faces the final
66-Episode 61: The Strongest Onmyoji, Preparing to Return
67-Episode 62: Ask the Strongest Onmyoji
68-Episode 63: The Strongest Onmyoji, Return to School Life
69-Episode 64: The Strongest Onmyoji Master Requested
70-Episode 65: Thinking about the future of slave girls, the strongest onmyoji
71-Episode 66: The Strongest Onmyoji Go to a Foreign Country
72-Episode 67 Scolding the Strongest Onmyoji
73-Episode 68: The Strongest Onmyoji Examine
74-Episode 69: The strongest Onmyoji lie down
75-Episode 70 Iriyama, the Strongest Onmyoji
76-In the interlude Efa at Proto Asta Emirati's official residence ①
77-In the interlude Efa at Protosta Chief's official residence ②
78-Episode 71: Destroy the Dragon, the Strongest Onmyoji
79-Episode 72: Elucidate the Ecology of the Dragon, the Strongest Onmyoji
80-Intermission Efa at the royal capital Asta
81-Episode 73: Fly the Strongest Onmyoji
82-In the interlude Efa at Protosta Chief's official residence ③
83-Episode 74: Get Off, the Strongest Onmyoji
84-In the interlude Efa at Protosta Chief's official residence ④
85-Episode 75: The Strongest Onmyoji, Slave Girl
86-Episode 76: Fight the Summon Beast, the Strongest Onmyoji
87-Episode 77: Explain the circumstances of the dragon, the strongest onmyoji
88-In the interlude Efa at Protosta Emirati's official residence ⑤
89-Episode 78: The Strongest Onmyoji, Trying to Feel Good
90-Episode 79: Strongest Onmyoji, Counseling
91-Episode 80: Dive into the sewer, the strongest onmyoji
92-Episode 81: Defeat the master of the sewer, the strongest onmyoji.
93-Episode 82: Take a bath, the strongest onmyoji
94-Episode 83: Escape from the Strongest Onmyoji
95-Episode 84: Call the House, the Strongest Onmyoji
96-Eighty-fifth episode, the strongest Onmyoji returns to his parents' home
97-Eighty-sixth Episode: Meet the royal family, the strongest onmyoji
98-Episode 87: Have a dinner with the strongest Onmyoji
99-Eighty-Eighth Episode: Promise the Strongest Onmyoji
100-In the interlude, Count Blaze Ramplog, in the study
101-Episode 89: Guide the Strongest Yin Yang Master
102-Episode 90: The Strongest Onmyoji, Get Help
103-Episode 91: Talk to the Strongest Onmyoji
104-Episode 92: Become the Strongest Onmyoji
105-Episode 93: Catch the Strongest Onmyoji
106-Episode 94: The Strongest Yin Yang Master Worries About
107-In the interlude Hazar Mercenary Commander at the forest
108-Interlude Shinma Zorunemu, at the forest
109-Episode 95: Undertake the Strongest Onmyoji
110-Interlude at Satan Nemu, Rodnea
111-In the interlude Shinma Zorunemu, at the school
112-Episode 96: The Strongest Onmyoji, Escape
113-Interlude Gal Garnis, near Rodnea
114-Episode 97: Clear the Strongest Onmyoji
115-Episode 98: The strongest Onmyoji, again attending the entrance ceremony
116-Episode 99: The Strongest Onmyoji Departs
117-Interlude Brave Amu at the Imperial Dungeon
118-Episode 100: Break the castle, the strongest onmyoji
119-Episode 101: Help the Strongest Onmyoji
120-In the intervening Holy Princess Fiona, in front of the Imperial Castle
121-Episode 102: The Strongest Onmyoji, Traveling in a Carriage
122-Episode 103: Encamp the Strongest Onmyoji
123-Episode 100: The strongest onmyoji, enter the town
124-Episode 100: The Strongest Onmyoji Meet
125-Episode 106: Convince the Strongest Onmyoji
126-Episode 107: Go to the forest, the strongest onmyoji
127-Episode 108: Strongest Onmyoji, Smoked
128-Episode 100: The strongest Onmyoji teacher is invited
129-Episode 100: Go to the cave, the strongest onmyoji
130-Episode 111: Selling the Strongest Onmyoji, Material
131-Episode 112: The strongest onmyoji, drink
132-Episode 113: Fortune-telling, the strongest onmyoji
133-Episode 114 Ryomu, the strongest onmyoji
134-Episode 115: The strongest Yin Yang teacher is invited again
135-Episode 116: Defeat the boss, the strongest onmyoji
136-Episode 117: The Strongest Onmyoji, Hururu