It’s Sudden, but I Came to Another World! But I Hope to Live Safely

“Understanding” is “Stronger” than a Sword! There is no magic without any weapons!

But! This is the story of a man who wishes to live safely!

“So, I’ve come to a different world.”

That man stood alone in a mountain full of plants and creatures that he never knew nor saw before. He goes down the mountain by avoiding encounters with a big slime (and bandits), and is caught as a suspicious person in the castle he reaches. In interrogation the female knight Ilias met at the imprisoned place, when talking about the bandits seen in the mountain, Illias, who was stuck in the search for said bandits, hurriedly strikes the bandits . My wish to be a Hero, or to build a harem?

“I just want to live in a safe place” – a story that such a man survives the different world with “Understanding” as a weapon!

Author: Antai
Chapters: 352

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun 異世界でも無難に生きたい症候群


1 I want to meet people first.
2 First of all, help me.
3 Thank you very much for your help.
4 Let me drop you off first.
5 First of all, it's cold.
6 Tell me first.
7 Let's do it for now.
8 First of all, just as I wanted.
9 I'll leave it to you for now.
10 First of all, do your best.
11 First of all, it's settled.
12 First of all, let's wrap it up.
13 First of all, water.
14 Let me rest for now.
15 Let's stop now.
16 Let's drink first.
17 It's a pinch for now.
18 First of all, no, definitely.
19 Anyway, there's nothing we can do about this.
20 Let's learn first.
21 I'll eat it for now.
22 Let's get ready for now.
23 First of all, get a job.
24 I adapted for now.
25 I have a report for the time being.
26 I was looking forward to it for the time being.
27 I'm worried about the future for the time being.
28 feel sorry for the time being.
29 I feel as if I were alive for the time being.
30 I'm here for the time being.
31 For the time being, I'm sure.
32 Are you ready for the moment?
33 one paragraph for the time being.
34 It has become narrower for the time being.
35 Let's think about what to do for the time being.
36 rain for the time being.
37 It is spacious for the time being.
38 It's not good to overdo it for the time being.
39 I felt a burden on my shoulders for the time being.
40 I will tell you for the time being.
41 treasure for the time being.
42 taste bad for the time being.
43 Let's see it for the time being.
44 I don't know the winner for the time being.
45 It's a matter of course.
46 I was entrusted with it for the time being.
47 For the time being, do the next move.
48 Give me a present for the time being.
49 I'll plan for the time being.
50 I revealed it for the time being.
51 Is everything going well at the moment?
52 at the moment.
53 It is a difficult task at present.
54 This is the fastest way at the moment.
55 What about that at the moment?
56 Make an irreparable choice at the moment.
57 At the moment, it's not your turn.
58 It's stuck deep at the moment.
59 There is a game for now.
60 It's a big problem at the moment.
61 I will do my best at the moment.
62 Let's take a rest for now.
63 I'm going to see the deceased at the moment.
64 I am currently a teacher.
65 Preparations are sufficient at the moment.
66 The matter has been settled for now.
67 Take a rest for now.
68 Make a decision at the moment.
69 I'm back at the moment.
70 Let's get started for now.
71 a small wise man at the moment.
72 a short story at the moment.
73 It's amazing at the moment.
74 The bath was good at the moment.
75 Be safe at the moment.
76 into the trachea at the moment.
77 meet by chance at the moment.
78 First of all, a strategy meeting.
79 First of all, I'm discouraged.
80 First of all, the digits are weird.
81 Let's break through the first hurdle.
82 First, declaration of war.
83 First, cooking.
84 First of all, victims.
85 First, the strength of the mask.
86 Let's start with a new one.
87 First of all, see through.
88 First, talk too much.
89 First of all, it's doing well.
90 First question.
91 First of all, an unexpected guy.
92 Let's have some tea first.
93 Nice to meet you.
94 Go to bed first.
95 First of all, visit me.
96 Fly first.
97 Good evening.
98 Let's start with a little story.
99 First, until the end,
100 First of all, colorful.
101 It smells first.
102 That's not true.
103 What's more, meeting with ribs
104 First of all, I'm going to choke you up.
105 First of all, it's overwhelming.
106 First, a blow.
107 The advantage we lost first.
108 First of all, a nostalgic technique.
109 It was hardly forgiven.
110 First of all, a declaration.
111 First, about the future.
112 Everyone, calm down first.
113 Please take good care of me first.
114 Play a trick first.
115 What should I learn next?
116 The next enemy is...
117 The next time I call you,
118 Until I find my next destination.
119 The next move is...
120 The next one is...
121 What are you planning next?
122 What will happen next?
123 What's next?
124 The next thing I'm going to do is...
125 The next choice is...
126 The next one is...
127 The next thing to pick is...
128 The next goal is...
129 What should be resolved next?
130 The next one is...
131 Let's get ready for the next episode.
132 There won't be another chance.
133 Next, I request chores.
134 The next one is...
135 The following are:
136 The next thing I'm going to teach you is...
137 The next thing you notice is...
138 Before we move on, let's give a quick quiz.
139 Next, answer each other.
140 What you see next is...
141 The next one was spreading.
142 The next time we meet...
143 The next thing to watch out for is...
144 Let's take care of her next time.
145 Next, clean up.
146 Next time, she sneaks in.
147 Next time, I'll clean up.
148 What's next?
149 Next, ask for help.
150 Next, one move.
151 second-hand and third-hand.
152 What about running away next?
153 The next one to fall down.
154 be settled next.
155 I'll build it next time.
156 The next thing I'm going to end is...
157 Next, I'll surround you.
158 The next thing I'm going to talk about is...
159 Next, it opens.
160 And then it starts.
161 And exchange.
162 And then I find out.
163 and walk together.
164 And open up.
165 And I feel sorry for him.
166 And I feel sorry for him.
167 And it's soothing.
168 And the story goes on.
169 And then I realize it.
170 And the preparations are ready.
171 And the day goes by.
172 And then the war begins.
173 And fight.
174 And I'll leave it to you.
175 And then we meet.
176 Then, train them up.
177 And then it's linked.
178 And I'll pick one.
179 And then set it up.
180 Then, I'm overwhelmed.
181 And cheer.
182 And then counterattack.
183 Then, wear it.
184 Then he runs.
185 And then we're tied up.
186 And knock it off.
187 And then he approaches.
188 And so it rises.
189 Then, I call myself.
190 And show it.
191 Then they confront each other.
192 Then, he gets dumped.
193 And make up your mind.
194 And then the curtain ends.
195 And then it gets dyed.
196 And it's over.
197 And the hard fight is over.
198 So I won't get lost.
199 That's why I can't say anything.
200 So what do you think?
201 So I'll follow you.
202 That's why I get in the way.
203 So instead...
204 So, smile.
205 That's why I dedicate it.
206 So, the price...
207 That's why I prepare.
208 So, tell us what you really think.
209 That's why I'm not good at listening.
210 That's why I'm chasing him down.
211 That's why I take care of myself.
212 So I'm just to fight.
213 So it won't end.
214 That's why it appears.
215 So, in moderation.
216 So let's decide.
217 So I'm going to negotiate.
218 So be careful.
219 So, let's do business.
220 What's more, meet with ribs 2
221 That's why it's fake.
222 That's why he's such a wise man.
223 So it's why it's sweet.
224 So I'm going to smell them out.
225 That's why I can find it.
226 So, the third one.
227 So it won't shake.
228 So who are you looking at?
229 だから気軽に。
230 So I don't want to drink that.
231 So now.
232 That's why I tease you.
233 That's why it's better.
234 That's why it's so dull.
235 So I'm sorry.
236 So it'slightly.
237 So, suddenly.
238 That's why I'm telling you to take care of yourself.
239 So, calmly.
240 That's why you treat them with care.
241 That's why I hope.
242 That's why I choose.
243 That's why I'm surprised.
244 That's why I congratulate you.
245 That's why I'm waiting.
246 So I'm going to sleep now.
247 That's why I'm coming.
248 That's why I look down on him.
249 That's why I'
250 That's why I dodge it.
251 So please stay safe.
252 That's why it's still going on.
253 That's why I'm serious.
254 That's why I cheat.
255 That's why we're rushing in.
256 That's why I'm in a hurry.
257 That's why they fight one another.
258 That's why I am I right in front of course.
259 So let's go back to that day.
260 That's why I'm not going to make up for it.
261 So it's been a while.
262 That's why I stick to it.
263 That's why I'm so disappointed.
264 That's why I'm leaving.
265 That's why we joined.
266 So go to sleep.
267 That's why I was honest.
268 That's why it's a decisive battle.
269 That's why you should put it all together.
270 That's why I'm discouraged.
271 That's why it's not over yet.
272 That's why you should go to bed.
273 That's why I pick up weeds.
274 That's why I confront the demon king.
275 That's why I'm at the end of the line.
276 So, good night.
277 So even a stone statue.
278 That's why I got energy.
279 That's why it increased.
280 That's why I got a treatment again.
281 That's why it's sightseeing.
282 So let's share tomorrow too.
283 So get up early.
284 That's why I sigh.
285 That's why we couldn't meet.
286 That's why it's surrounded by enemies.
287 That's why I'm twice as good at nursing care.
288 So what should I do?
289 That's why it's so reasonable.
290 That's why I pretend to be sick.
291 That's why?
292 So, pretend not to know.
293 That's why I'll join you.
294 That's why I asked you to follow me later.
295 So I'll water it later.
296 That's why.
297 That's why the one who said it said it.
298 That's why I'm in between.
299 That's why we have enough motivation together.
300 That's why it moves.
301 So, do your best.
302 That's why it's your turn.
303 So, I want an explanation secretly.
304 That's why I won't forgive you.
305 That's why I came to see you again at the end.
306 That's why I'm disappointed.
307 That's why it's distorted.
308 So I wiped my hands with the wall.
309 That's why I'll learn more later.
310 Therefore, it's a secret that it's a little heavy.
311 That's why it's so cute.
312 That's why he was like an older brother.
313 That's why the picture is terrible.
314 That's why I'm making a plan.
315 That's why you roll the rock.
316 That's why I'm picking you up.
317 そんなわけで、ニヤける程度に抑えましょう。
318 So, in perfect condition.
319 That's why it's a decisive battle.
320 That's why it continues to exist.
321 That's why.
322 That's why it breaks.
323 That's why it's settled.
324 So I'm going to start over again.
325 be beaten for one's own sake.
326 So let me drop you off.
327 therefore precede.
328 I therefore propose.
329 submit for the sake.
330 be therefore shaken.
331 Therefore, I miss you.
332 Therefore, I expect.
333 laugh for the sake of.
334 provide for .
335 come back to life as a result.
336 therefore be proud.
337 be consequently harmed.
338 Therefore, I understand.
339 come to fruition as a consequence.
340 head for .
341 therefore make use of.
342 start over again because of course.
343 That's why it'm playing a role.
344 leave to account.
345 go down because of .
346 Therefore, it's heavy.
347 therefore give up.
348 therefore play with.
349 Consequently, it is superior.
350 be shaken accordingly.
351 take a long view of it.
352 consequently laugh.