A Sword Master Childhood Friend Power Harassed Me Harshly, So I Broke Off Our Relationship And Make A Fresh Start At The Frontier As A Magic Swordsman.

The power harassment from Alfine ー a girlfriend and childhood friendー, who are the same age, grew up together, and became adventurer together, is painful.

A peerless beauty, a person with the title Sword Master and called the Flawless Sword Goddess, a capable woman with achievement recognized by the Kingdom and rewarded with appointment as a knight and became a noble.

On the other hand, I’m treated as that capable woman Alfine’s accessory, hurled abusive language by her, often power harassed by her with insults as an adventurer, losing my dignity as a man and as a person, I resigned to spending my daily life in position as a lover-cum-caretaker.

However changes come to those daily life.

Alfine, who became busy as the kingdom’s knight, often became unable to take part in adventures, the times I took requests alone increased, and I was able to regain my lost dignity.

Then I became aware to the abnormality of the situation I was in.

Then, to regain myself, I decided to abandon her repeated power harassment.

In addition to all the equipment I received until now, I returned the sword which we gave to each other when we became an adventurer to her, then I declared our break up, and left that place quickly. From now on, I will change my name and appearance and live freely.

As soon as I decided so, everything went well, and when I realized, I was praised by the people around me and became the greatest adventurer on the frontier.

What’s more, I got a proposal to marry the frontier lord’s daughter from a female adventurer.

Author: Shingyou Gaku シンギョウ ガク
Chapters: 136



1 01: I'm her accessory.txt
2 02: And I insulate her.txt
3 03: I am reborn in the frontier.txt
4 side Alfine: Unconscious Tyrant.txt
5 04: A hidden talent that I couldn't do.txt
6 05: Infinite Wizard Noelia.txt
7 06: Hot eyes on the back.txt
8 07: The line of sight disappeared when the demons were subdued.txt
9 08: Magic is activated by imagination.txt
10 side no area: The daughter magician is confused.txt
11 09: Apparently I was a mysterious explosion suspect.txt
12 10: The magical power adjustment method is the swordsman style.txt
13 11: I decided to live as a magic swordsman flick.txt
14 side Alfine: The work of Kensei.txt
15 12: Road to bronze grade.txt
16 13: I decided to go to the place where the "Great Invasion" occurred..txt
17 14: Father-daughter relationship is difficult.txt
18 15: Margrave Lloyd and his sword.txt
19 16: Made a new discovery with a child dragon and lightweight magic.txt
20 side no area: Melancholy of the daughter magician.txt
21 17: A moment in the morning.txt
22 18: Abyss hole.txt
23 side Alfine: Regret of Kensei.txt
24 19: I visited the mansion of Margrave..txt
25 20: Anonymous remittance to an orphanage.txt
26 21: Go through the Glide Canyon.txt
27 22: After all father-daughter relationship is difficult.txt
28 23: Invasion of the weirdo blacksmith Gawain.txt
29 24: Even the user of physical strengthening magic was still a weirdo..txt
30 side: Alfine cruel reality.txt
31 25: Light as a swordsman.txt
32 26: The body was the capital of body strengthening magic.txt
33 side no area: Diary of the daughter magician's consideration.txt
34 27: I was taught how to ride a pterosaur.txt
35 28: The sky was full of danger.txt
36 29: It's actually the first time to collect.txt
37 30: It was difficult to collect materials..txt
38 side Alfine: Sword Holy Fall ①.txt
39 side Alfine: Sword Holy Fall ②.txt
40 side Alfine: Escapee Alfine.txt
41 31: Flick, keep a pterosaur.txt
42 32: Made in Gawain Studio's Magic Sword Bomb.txt
43 33: The performance of the magic sword may be surprisingly amazing.txt
44 34: The opponent of the first magic sword is ....txt
45 35: Let's go pounding! Demon Beast Cerberus Battle.txt
46 36: Burning magic sword.txt
47 side no area: tears of the daughter magician.txt
48 37: Apparently I got two names.txt
49 38: At the dinner party.txt
50 39: Disturbing report.txt
51 40: Shadow of Abyss Walker.txt
52 41: Atypical creatures.txt
53 42: Enemy Attack.txt
54 43: Countermeasures.txt
55 44: Abyss Walker Countermeasures Meeting.txt
56 45: Departure.txt
57 side Alfine: Escape life.txt
58 side Alfine: Alfine restarts as a crossdresser.txt
59 Chapter One   Characters.txt
60 side Alfine new departure.txt
61 side Alfine: A difficult departure.txt
62 46 A moment of travel.txt
63 47: Hot-blooded Pterosaur Lecture.txt
64 48: Mysterious magic.txt
65 49: The full magic sword.txt
66 50: The identity of the smoke.txt
67 51: Mysterious horse.txt
68 52: One Horse.txt
69 side: Gyre, the frustrated guard knight leader.txt
70 side no area: impatience of the daughter magician.txt
71 53: Beastman City Inbahanes.txt
72 54: The name of the magic sword is.txt
73 55: Inbahanes Adventurer's Guild.txt
74 56: Guild Master of Inbahanes.txt
75 57: work in.txt
76 58: Making money.txt
77 side Alfine: Now, to the Makai no Mori.txt
78 side: Alfine: Regret and the Road to Adults.txt
79 59: Little Cloud Whale.txt
80 60: Aerial battle.txt
81 61: Parasitic shark.txt
82 62: Puppet Wizard Sinzia.txt
83 63: Ghost magic.txt
84 64: Sinzia's offer.txt
85 65: Causative magic.txt
86 66: Old flick wound.txt
87 67: Persuasion.txt
88 side no area: joint front.txt
89 68: Return to Inbahanes.txt
90 side Alfine: Sword Road.txt
91 side Alfine: Remains of campsite.txt
92 side Alfine: Meila's runaway.txt
93 side Alfine: In the hole.txt
94 side Alfine: Child of the Beastman.txt
95 side Alfine: Mysterious facility Part 1.txt
96 side Alfine: Mysterious facility Part 2.txt
97 69: A moment at the garrison.txt
98 70: Request fulfillment.txt
99 71: Distance between two people.txt
100 side no area: feelings of passing each other.txt
101 72: Awkward dining table.txt
102 73: Midnight visitor.txt
103 74: Artistic golem production.txt
104 75: Devon Village.txt
105 76: A mysterious group.txt
106 77: Shadow of the Knights of the Guard.txt
107 78: Puzzled Meeting Part 1.txt
108 79: Puzzled Meeting Part 2.txt
109 side Alfine: Margrave Lloyd.txt
110 side Alfine: A mysterious civilization.txt
111 side Alfine: Tragedy Room.txt
112 side Alfine: Important things in the kingdom.txt
113 side Alfine: Maribel.txt
114 side Alfine: Request from Margrave.txt
115 side Gyre: Back wound.txt
116 80: Visitor.txt
117 81: A disturbing sign.txt
118 82: Whereabouts of truth.txt
119 83: Confession of a Beastman Part 1.txt
120 84: Confession of a Beastman Part 2.txt
121 85: Rahaman Mine.txt
122 86: Predicament.txt
123 87: Steps to escape.txt
124 88: Onslaught of Abyss Walkers.txt
125 89: Phantom.txt
126 90: Fierce fight.txt
127 side no area: Visitors from Yughan Notes.txt
128 side Alfine: New request.txt
129 91: Kensei's childhood friend.txt
130 Chapter 2 Character Summary.txt
131 side Gyre: The impatient guard knight leader.txt
132 92: Distance between two hearts.txt
133 side Alfine: Return to Yughan Notes.txt
134 side Alfine: Truth.txt
135 side Alfine: Genius and ordinary man.txt
136 93: Royal Capital Flagoon.txt