Hi everyone! This is Xean, from MTLreader. Thank you for visiting my website.

I'm an avid programmer and a huge anime fan since way, way, back. I love to read ahead of animes and novels that's why I've decided to make a website to read it.

I am a self-taught programmer so I apologize for the site design. I'll continue to improve it as time goes by once my skills improve (when will it be? LOL.)

I can't wait for unofficial translators to catch up with raw japanese and chinese novels and some of translators dropped the series making it not avaiable for avid readers.

As such, this project is born. I know there are sites out there the same as mine, but I want to make the best machine translation there is (and human readable too)

What is MTLreader?

MTLreader as the acronym itself, means machine translation language (MTL), is a website that provides you human readable machine translations for light and web, chinese and japanese novels.

Why and when to read machine translation novels?

These are reasons for me, maybe not for others (no hate please):

  • a. When you want to (of course).
  • b. When you cannot wait for unofficial / official translator's release.
  • c. When translators dropped the series (happens a lot).

How can you help?

In the nearest future, I'll add a feature where we have a glossary! Still thinking on how to implement it though.

You can also edit the chapter you want and give me an edited one to update the chapter of the novel. For the benefit of the readers.

Also, here's a shameless plug. As this is a very high quality machine translation, it takes time for me translate and bills are piling up, you can donate here:

All proceeds will go to translations of the novels and site maintenance.

Broken / Untranslated Chapters of a Novel

If you find any chapters of the novel that is untranslated, feel free to message me on the report section of discord :

Copywright of Content

All contents translated are done rigorously by me (Xean) and not copied from other websites.

Though as it is, I DO NOT claim the content as it is illegal and disrespectful to the author, publisher of the novel.

If anyone wants to polish the novel, feel free to do so.

I strictly comply with DMCA